Tuesday, August 31, 2010

home from the gold coast

California was so great!

I loved

The Beaches


 This is the beach in San Diego that we visted for the day. People that live near beaches are so lucky!


Sidewalk sales!

These are some boutiques off Manhattan beach. I love shopping out of malls and in unique little stores. All the girls are so cute with their Californian styles so many crop tops haha. I saw some girls rocking fur vests I was very jelous!


 I had to take a picture of these shoes in Kate Spade in Fashion Valley. They have the CUTEST stuff in that store, so girly i love it

Pinkberry and Yogurt land

Me and my sister lived in yogurt shops this is a combination of Blood orange frozen yogurt, strawberry's, kiwis, mangos with nerds on top. SO GOOD

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