Thursday, September 23, 2010

outfit post

Just got home from a day of school. Wearing some of my new purchases. Ahh theres nothing like retail therapy. I bought some black over the nee boots from Aldo $110. I decided I can't rock the flat boots, heels it is. Im defiantly looking forward to buying more boots. I was really excited to find some black thigh high socks! Found at Zara for $11.95 which is kind of a lot for socks but oh well. I also am wearing my Gucci side bag.

I also couldn't help myself from wandering into ariztia

I bought this cozy Wilfred Cardigan($110) and a new black corset top from Talula ($30)

Worn on the left by Ashley Greene, I wanted it last winter but had no $$. It also just came our in a new oatmeal color that is gorgeous

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