Sunday, September 12, 2010

when did I become so cheap!

hmm mabye il just refer to my shopping style as LUX FOR LESS. I've been really picky lately when it comes to buying clothes. I use to just blow all my money spur of the moment. I guess this cheapness is a good and bad thing. Good because I'm a student and should save my money so I can do things like buy my lunch and get drunk on the weekend, kidding! mostly. And bad because I feel like I have no clothes and I hate re wearing so many of my outfits. Also shopaholics are like my favorite people and bloggers, I love to see all their hauls!

I recently picked up this number from Stitches for 29.99 after looking at it for a couple days. This Jacket is a little girly and it's my take on military jacket trend. It's just easy to throw over some of my summer outfits like dresses and bring them into the fall.

Some military jacket inspiration

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