Monday, March 7, 2011

Bitches love my new haircut

My wonderful friend Caitie cut my hair at Salon Montage. I've never had bangs before so I was a little nervous. However I like to try different looks and a few snips of hair was such a easy and affordable way to do that. I also cut my hair shorter, because it was so dead hopefully I can grow it back with less split ends this time!

Top: H&M  Pants: Sirens Boots: Spring Bag: Mui Mui

On the side note I was in Sirens the other day, a store that makes some horrendous clothing, but once in a while you find a gem. It is also a good store to check for trends items that you don't want to splurge on. For instance they are selling black maxi skirts for $16. When I tried one on it surprisingly looked pretty cute on my short frame. I also found these pants there for $25, they have lots of harem/trouser pants in many colors. Which is a little nicer on the pocket than Arizita's $110 pants, for an item that you might not wear very much.


  1. I love the bangs! And you're spot on about Sirens! Sometimes you can find some great pieces there. My favorite pair of jeans are from Sirens and they cost $24.00.


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