Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm currently im sitting in a hotel room in the north of France. Life has been hectic with school and wrestling and its not stopping. I'm here for a wrestling tournament and camp. Sadly I only got to spend one short day in Paris. Wrestling trips, are no vacation. Paris however was so much fun, but a day was not enough time to see everything or shop. We went all over the city via the subway that was surprisingly easy to navigate. I would be so happy to live in Paris. A highlight of my day was going into one of the many vintage stores and seeing so many old Lavin shoes, wish I had more time to explore. Ill be back!! 

Move over Nuttela

I found something better...Speculoos √† Tartiner, its pretty much cookie spread. Speculoos are Belgian spice cookies. I first used some at breakfast thinking it was peanut butter, then I thought it was Nuttela without the coco. Ive not learned what it is. Its not to gingery and is just perfectly indulgent on some crusty bread or crepes. I might of purchased two jars, as well as lots of my other european favorite Milka Chocolate

Love lock bridge next to Notre Dame Cathedral 

Had to take a ratalie pic with the eiffel tower

Not looking forward to leaving spring and heading back to like -24 weather!

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