Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Fresh Salsa

Have you guys ever made fresh salsa? I'm love it and every time I have leftover tomatoes I find my self making some. The lime and cilantro are amazing flavors, I love how fresh they make this salsa taste. This is a general guideline that my mom showed me! 

3 diced Tomatoes (chop up everything even the seeds)
1/2 a chopped Onion
Teensy bit of garlic
1 fresh chopped Jalapeno (Keep the seeds for spice or throw out)
 I also use Sambal Olek if I don't have jalapenos. It needs some spice!
 A hand full of chopped cilantro (MY FAVE)
1/2 lime (squeeze the juice out)
Dash of Salt

Mix that all together and enjoy ♥


Thank you